1. Anonymous asked: In which picture can you see Gemma's tattoo? x


    In this one, on her wrist. x


  2. Anonymous asked: Hi , Gemma does not like directioners ?

    Hi no she does she just finds the rumours annoying and has a very sarcastic personality which some fans take as her being rude when she’s not. She defiantly likes them :) xx


  3. Anonymous asked: I didn't know she had a boyfriend. Who was it? I wish the best for her no matter with whom.

    Hi yes her boyfriend was called Liam and they went out for quite awhile :) me too xx

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    Gemma today in London


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    Gemma with her friend Megan today (x)


  6. Anonymous asked: Everyone is talking about Gemma and Ashton, I didn't even know she broke up with her old boyfriend! Do you know when that happened or what happened?

    Hi I think they broke up quite awhile ago but no ones knows what happened between them cause it’s their business and Gemma is very private about her life :) xx

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    #GemmaStyles #Gemma #Chloe #HarryStyles #OneDirection #Styles πŸ’—πŸ˜ŽβœŒοΈ

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    I got it from my mama πŸŽ΅πŸ’œ

    Yes you did girl!

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    Gemma with Anne and Dusty :)

  10. queen-gemmaxo:


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